Propane throughout the Home

Cooktops and ranges. Unlike electric units, which take time to heat up and cool down, instant gas heat gives you more precise temperature control and heat distribution. Choose from a wide variety of propane-fueled cooking appliances, including convection ovens, deep fryers, indoor griddles, and grill tops with sealed burners for easy cleaning.

Clothes dryers. A propane dryer dries clothes faster than an electric dryer, and the moist heat is gentler on fabrics. Propane dryers can even help relax wrinkles and static cling. Some models save up to 65 percent in costs over electric dryers.

Outdoor appliances. When you think about outdoors and propane, grilling may be the first thing that comes to mind. But with modern advances in flexible piping, you can easily extend the benefits of propane to a wide range of outdoor appliances, such as lighting, and patio, pool, or spa heaters — even outdoor refrigerators and hearths.

Generators. With a generator connected to your home’s propane supply, you can rest easy knowing that emergency power will be there at the flip of a switch. If you already have a gasoline-powered generator, a do-it-yourself conversion kit makes it easy for that unit to operate on propane — a safe, reliable energy source that won’t gum up an internal combustion engine.

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